The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar #7: I Personally Blame Mr. Brackett For That

The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar with Tim Worthington.

Looks Unfamiliar is a podcast in which writer and occasional broadcaster Tim Worthington talks to a guest about some of the things that they remember that nobody else ever seems to.

This is a collection of highlights from shows thirty seven to forty two, featuring Bob Fischer on Giant Hogweed, Gillian Kirby on Teletext After Hours, Tim Worthington on Patterson, Michael Livesley on Topps Football ’78 Bubblegum Cards, Chris Shaw on Rock School, Paul Putner on Treborland, and Andy Lewis on Vintage Anti-Enoch Powell Graffiti. Along the way we’ll be blowing the whistle on The Brexit Party’s sinister links to Giant Hogweed, finding out about the contribution Emlyn Hughes’ elongated leg made to road safety, planning a visit to The People’s Republic Of KDR, listening to Herbie Hancock jamming with Emu, finding out how to get the full immersive Laurel And Hardy experience by eating toffee, and definitely not drinking any ‘Solar Cola’. Plus there’s also something you might not have heard before – Tim on Round The Archives talking to Lisa Parker and Andrew Trowbridge about the last ever episode of Chigley

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The Larks Ascending ExtraDon’t Let’s Chart Extra

Mr. Brackett The Butler from Chigley (BBC1, 1969), as discussed by Tim Worthington and Lisa Parker and Andrew Trowbridge in Looks Unfamiliar.

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