Here are all of the currently available books that I’ve written; some on specific subjects and some collections of various pieces of writing. They’re all available in paperback and from the Kindle Store.

Top Of The BoxFun At OneHigher Than The Sun
Not On Your TellyThe Camberwick Green Procrastination Society
Well At Least It’s Free


I’ve also written or contributed to the following:

cotsCompleting The Circle
A book about the eerie sci-fi/fantasy children’s serials that HTV made for the ITV network in the seventies. Available with the DVD release of Children Of The Stones.

Buy it from Amazon here.
sapphiresteelSapphire & Steel
A book about the story of the cult late seventies sci-fi series, which revealed for the first time what would have happened if the series had continued.

Buy it from Amazon here.

TV Cream Toys
I’m one of the contributors to this Action Man to Zoids of the toys that everyone wanted but never actually got.

Buy it from Amazon here.

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