Well At Least It’s Free

Well At Least It's Free - Front Cover 2

A collection of pieces from my various adventures in fanzines, websites, and forewords to books about long-running BBC children’s programmes. Within its pages you will find extended thinkpieces on Doctor Who (especially if it’s in black and white and features Daleks), Watch With Mother, Lost, Heroes, Tales From Europe, Life On Mars, Hardwicke House, Primeval, Zokko!, Syd Barrett, more cult children’s TV dramas and failed sci-fi/fantasy small-screen blockbusters than you ever wanted to acknowledge existed, and the books on the shelf behind Bagpuss.

What’s more, they’ve all been revised, updated, and generally bolstered with new facts and figures since they were first published, and there’s a couple of never-before-seen pieces in there too.


© Tim Worthington.
Please don’t copy this only with more italics and exclamation marks.

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