Can’t Help Thinking About Me

Can't Help Thinking About Me by Tim Worthington - a collection of columns and features with a personal twist.

‘What was I hoping to find, though? Barnaby In The Sky With The BBC Schools Diamond? Mary, Mungo And Mindfulness? Cheggers Plays Zen?’

In Can’t Help Thinking About Me, writer and occasional broadcaster Tim Worthington takes us on an hilarious tour of how and why he ended up on the BBC News channel with a big caption saying ‘CLANGERS EXPERT’. From growing up in a noisy household with clowns on the Christmas Tree to asking some elderly Elvis Presley fans if they’d mind keeping the volume down, it’s a dizzying hurtle through popular culture that takes in…

Smash Hits – BBC Test Card FBattle Of The Planets – Railway Station Graffiti – Camberwick Green – David Bowie – Rentaghost – What Jimi Hendrix Might Have Watched On TV – Doctor Who – The Monkees – Video Nasties – Rubik’s Magic – Being Made To Watch On The Black And White Portable – Compilation Tapes – Chris Morris – Play School – The Oz Trial – What To Get For Christmas In 1986 – B.A. Robertson – Chorlton And The Wheelies – Britpop – That Was The Week That Was

…and lots more. Including Skiboy!

Can’t Help Thinking About Me is full of old features given a new twist. It’s part autobiography, part cultural history, part bewildering manifestos about ridiculous sixties pop records and terrifying television puppets. Within its massive page count you’ll find…

An introduction from Samira Ahmed

Previously unseen features on Sound Of The 60s, BBC Seasons of Michael Caine films, The Ghosts Of Motley Hall, Chorlton And The Wheelies, and why I prefer forgettable cinematic rubbish to ‘landmark’ movies

Previously little-seen features on Wait Till Your Father Gets Home, Chigley, A Clockwork Orange and David Bowie’s lost early television appearances, as well as a series of philosophical meditations on the para-cerebral properties of dubbed television bear Barnaby

New and updated versions of the features on The Beatles’ Carnival Of Light and the 1970 Christmas Eve edition of Play School, with newly-discovered extra behind-the-scenes detail; yes, I do know what presents Brian and Julie gave each other now…

What happened after I found some lost episodes of a late seventies BBC children’s programme

At long last, the full version of the epic tale of my spiritual quest to find a copy of Music From BBC Children’s Programmes

Features on Radio Times, Jimi Hendrix, That Was The Week That Was, Camberwick Green, Trumpton, Chigley, The Beatles, BBC Test Card F, The Stone Roses, Blur, The Beach Boys, The Monkees, Smash HitsBattle Of The Planets, Captain Scarlet And The MysteronsThe Mersey Pirate, Hardwicke House, Blue Jam, Elvis Presley, Doctor Who, 1986’s Top Christmas Present Wish List, why I really hated Play Chess, and much much more. Yes, including Skiboy!


“I seem to have lost a lot of sleep over this book in the past week, due to it causing a severe case of late-night ‘just one more article’ syndrome” – Paul Abbott, We Are Cult

Can't Help Thinking About Me by Tim Worthington - a collection of columns and features with a personal twist.

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