Higher Than The Sun

Higher Than The Sun by Tim Worthington.

Higher Than The Sun is the story of four albums released by Creation Records late in 1991. It’s a story that starts with a compilation tape, and ends with a jaw-dropping act of career suicide. In between, someone gets chased by a cow. It’s a story of wild studio experimentation, demolished genre boundaries, audacious licensing deals and photos of French footballers. It’s a story that involves such fondly-remembered and long-forgotten names as House Of Love, Ride, Denim, Flowered Up, Fabulous and Adorable. And takes in Brian Cant, Kylie Minogue, and someone playing guitar inside a tent.

It’s the story of Screamadelica by Primal Scream, Foxbase Alpha by Saint Etienne, Bandwagonesque by Teenage Fanclub, and Loveless by My Bloody Valentine. And how, long before Britpop, Creation Records took on the world and very nearly won…

You can find an interview with me by Creation Records about Higher Than The Sun here.

“Highly recommended” – Toppermost

“You’d love it, I know you would” – A Goldfish Called Regret


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