Not On Your Telly

Not On Your Telly - excursions into the dustier corners of the archives by Tim Worthington.

Delving into the mysterious world of ‘lost’ television (and music, and plays, and more), whether it’s ‘lost’ through being wiped, being censored, or just plain being ignored, from familiar names like Doctor Who, Bob Dylan, Lee And Herring, The Beatles and Play School to the frighteningly obscure likes of R.3, Rubovia, The Tyrant King and Hear’Say It’s Saturday!. Along the way you’ll find out more than you ever wanted to know about The BBC Pinocchio, John Lennon in Mono, Betty Boo in a swimsuit, and a certain action serial named Skiboy…

Not On Your Telly – featuring a history of the BBC ‘Sunday Classics’ slot, a look at the least written-about Doctor Who story ever, The Space Pirates – and what it has to do with, erm, David Bowie – and much much more. The book that Morris Mitchener is too scared to read!


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