Here are some of my favourites from my many radio appearances; if you’re interested in getting me on your own show, give me a shout. And if you’re looking for my actual podcast, click here.

The OST Show – BBC Records And Tapes
I joined Jonny Trunk from Trunk Records on his Resonance FM show to talk about Top Of The Box and play some of my favourite oddities from the BBC Records And Tapes catalogue. Includes some excellent laughing from a studio guest.

Music Mill FM – TV Remakes
I’m an occasional guest on Mark Thompson’s talk show, and this is one of my favourite contributions, talking about the good, the bad and the ugly of rebooted television programmes, from The Prisoner to The Magic Roundabout and beyond.

House Of Comments – Is June The End Of May?
Following the snap General Election in 2017, Mark Thompson invited me onto his politics podcast to get an outsider’s view of the fairly crazy events. I was a bit nervous as I was up against some proper heavyweight political thinkers (Mark, Emma Burnell and Nick Denys), but did manage to get in some thoughts on how many times Jeremy Corbyn has said ‘Shabba!’.

Music Mill FM – ‘Going To ITV’
In response to a week of high profile political defections, Mark Thompson got me on to his show to talk about what happened when TV stars and even entire programmes switched channels and why it never seems to end well. Needless to say, a certain chat show host’s name did come up…

Music Mill FM – Victoria Wood
I was invited on to Mark Thompson’s show at short notice to remember Victoria Wood. What happened was a little bit different to most of the other tributes, concentrating on how ‘dangerous’ As Seen On TV had seemed to an Alternative Comedy-hungry youngster back in the mid-eighties.

BBC News – ‘Clangers Expert’
The legendary interview about the return of the Clangers, thankfully without the visuals. If I’d known I was going to be on TV and played in a loop for two days, I’d have worn a better shirt.


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