Funny Ha Ha And Funny Peculiar

A Combination Of Cribbins by Bernard Cribbins (Parlophone, 1962).

Back in the sixties, everyone who made a record wanted a big pop star hit and don’t you kid yourself otherwise. Comedians were no exception, and while the primary purpose of their records – though not always – might have been to make people laugh, they were always propped up by songwriters, producers and session musicians with an eye on rotation BBC Light Programme play and a steady stream of income, and a lot of the resulting records turned out far better than they had any right or reason to be.

I’ve written a feature for Shindig! magazine looking at the hidden beat, jazz and psych highlights chortling away in the discographies of everyone from Mike And Bernie Winters to The Goodies, and here’s a complete playlist of the comedy discs that I highlighted in the piece. There’s tape-fiddling from George Martin, unexpected Kinks covers, late-night satire, ahead-of-the-game parodies of psychedelia, a protest song against Mods and Rockers, and a rare chance to hear Professor Stanley Unwin performing with a a full honkity-blow jazzlopper…

You can get Issue #88 of Shindig! both in print and as a Digital Edition from here, so I won’t be posting the full ‘sleevenotes’ for this. You’ll have to buy the magazine instead!

Bernard Cribbins – Ringing On The Engine Bell
Peter Sellers – After The Fox
Peter Cook And Dudley Moore – The L.S. Bumblebee
The Goodies – Taking You Back

Bill Oddie – Nothing Better To Do
Mike And Bernie Winters – Fallout Shelter

Harry H. Corbett – The Green Eye Of The Little Yellow God
Millicent Martin – Gotta Lotta Lovin’
Lance Percival – End Of The Season
Stanley Unwin – Goldilocks

The Goodies Sing Songs From The Goodies (Decca, 1972).

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