Ringing On The Engine Bell

A Combination Of Cribbins by Bernard Cribbins (Parlophone, 1962) - listen to Tim Worthington talking to Paul Abbott about Bernard Cribbins' pop career in (Music For) The Head Ballet.

(Music For) The Head Ballet is a podcast hosted by Paul Abbott, celebrating the novelty record in all its many and varied forms. So far the series has looked at Frank Sidebottom, the Eurovision Song Contest, Tom Paxton, and George Harrison’s inexplicable single about Formula 1, and on the latest edition you can hear me on Ringing On The Engine Bell by Bernard Cribbins, a 1964 single that was mysteriously withdrawn from release before it could trouble the charts. Though as you’ll find out, it might not be such a mystery after all…

As well as Bernard Cribbins’ surprisingly extensive back catalogue, we also chat about George Martin’s comedy productions in general – taking in That Was The Week That Was, Peter Sellers, The Beatles and more – the weird obsession everyone seemed to have with the Fire Brigade in the mid-sixties, and a possible link between a Cribbins b-side and the early work of David Bowie. Plus there’s an extra surprise for fans of Looks Unfamiliar

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Ringing On The Engine Bell by Bernard Cribbins (Parlophone, 1964) - listen to Tim Worthington talking to Paul Abbott about Bernard Cribbins' pop career in (Music For) The Head Ballet.

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