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Girl On The Test Card by Pete Winslow And The King Size Brass (BBC Records And Tapes RBT103)

You may be vaguely aware that I am quite interested in the gloriously eccentric output of BBC Records And Tapes. And in case you didn’t quite detect the sarcasm in that statement, I’ve actually written a book covering every single released by the label. This is why I was delighted when Shindig! magazine asked me to put together a collection of beat, folk and psych-tinged ‘Deep Cuts’ from BBC Records And Tapes.

Here’s the complete collection of ‘Deep Cuts’ in listenable form; you’ll find Radiophonic Workshop nightmares, Play School funk, Acid Folk filling non-needletime Radio 2 and even TV’s ‘Clown’ and ‘Girl’ (Test Card) trying their hand at a bit of cosmic Stoner Jazz. No I’m not making that up…

You can still get Issue #81 of Shindig! both in print and as a Digital Edition from here, so I won’t be posting the full ‘sleevenotes’ for this. You’ll have to buy the magazine instead!

Good News – Spirit (from RESR29 New Life)
Brian Cant, Toni Arthur, Lionel Morton And Chloe Ashcroft – Superstition (from RBT19 Play Away)
Meic Stevens – Dwyn Y Lein (Stealing The Railroad) (from REC65 Disc A Dawn)
Trane – Mansion Of Cards (from RESL5 Waggoners’ Walk)
Shelagh McDonald – Hullo Stranger (from REC35 Dungeon Folk)
Rick Jones – Bang On A Drum (from RBT17 Bang On A Drum – Songs From Play School And Play Away)
The Welfare State Featuring White Noise – Silence Is Requested In The Ultimate Abyss (from REC52 John Peel Presents Top Gear)
David Cain And Ronald Duncan – April (from RESR17 The Seasons)
Pete Winslow And His King Size Brass – Space Chariots (from RBT103 Girl On The Test Card)
Maggie Henderson – Jerome (from REC182 Ragtime)

Top Of The Box - The Complete Guide To BBC Records And Tapes Singles by Tim Worthington.

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