Looks Unfamiliar #9: Martin Ruddock – I Made A Plasticine Harold Macmillan

Doomlord from Eagle comic - listen to Martin Ruddock and Tim Worthington chatting about it in Looks Unfamiliar.

, as discussed by Tim Worthington and writer Martin Ruddock in Looks Unfamiliar.

Looks Unfamiliar 9 – Martin Ruddock

Looks Unfamiliar is a podcast in which writer and occasional broadcaster Tim Worthington talks to a guest about some of the things that they remember that nobody else ever seems to.

Joining Tim this time is writer Martin Ruddock, who’s trying to get a show of nostalgic hands for Children’s BBC Sherlock Holmes spinoff The Baker Street Boys, sci-fi/horror comic strip Doomlord, techno-powered toy range Robotix, Commodore Amiga game The Fairy Tale Adventure, dubbed German drama serial The Legend Of Tim Tyler, and Britpop band Thurman and their somewhat mysterious past. Along the way we’ll be finding out why history has failed to recognise the Baker Street Girls, why Slough’s playing fields are to be avoided at all costs, and why a song called ‘Evil’ might not quite have the intended effect on its target audience. Also, if anyone can solve our Tim Tyler-related mystery, please get in touch!

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About Martin

Martin Ruddock writes regularly for a number of magazines including Doctor Who Magazine and Shindig!. You can find Martin’s website here or follow him on Twitter at @SugarRayBuzzard.

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