The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar #2: He’s Not On A Quest To Find Out, He’s Just On A Quest To Get Out

The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar with Tim Worthington.

Looks Unfamiliar is a podcast in which writer and occasional broadcaster Tim Worthington talks to a guest about some of the things that they remember that nobody else ever seems to.

This is a collection of highlights from shows seven to twelve, featuring Lisa Parker and Andrew Trowbridge on the Jaws game, Ben Baker on Mysteries Of Old Peking, Martin Ruddock on Doomlord, Steve O’Brien on High Time and Ice Cold Cube by The Stone Roses, Jem Roberts on an advert reuniting Neil and Vyvyan from The Young Ones, and Mark Griffiths on The Bloke Who Pulled His Pants Down On Kilroy. Along the way we’ll be finding out why nothing is scarier than a playing field in Slough, how to spot Simon Bates in disguise via a series of cryptic clues, and what musical genres ‘The Youngs Ones’ were followers of. Plus there’s also something you may not have heard before – Tim on the radio talking about a TV series from a couple of years back that everyone seems to have forgotten about already…

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And if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard, you can download the full editions here…


Lisa & AndrewBenMartinSteveJemMark


You can hear the full version of the interview about the revival of The Prisoner here.


Looks Unfamiliar

Looks Unfamiliar is hosted by Podnose.

You can find an edition of Looks Unfamiliar with Ben talking to Tim about ITV nostalgia show Looks Familiar here, and another Looks Unfamiliar appearance by him here.

You can hear Tim making a guest appearance on Lisa and Andrew’s podcast Round The Archives, talking about Chigley and the end of ‘The Sixties’, here.

If you’d like to help support Looks Unfamiliar, why not get one of Tim’s books? There’s Not On Your Telly, available in paperback here or from the Kindle Store here. Or Well At Least It’s Free, available in paperback here or from the Kindle Store here. Or Top Of The Box, available in paperback here or from the Kindle Store here. Or even Can’t Help Thinking About Me, available in paperback here or from the Kindle Store here. You know you want to read at least one of them.

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