Looks Unfamiliar The Larks Ascending Extra: “You Can’t Exactly Wash The Dishes To You Suffer By Napalm Death”

Why Bother? by Chris Morris and Peter Cook, as discussed by Tim Worthington and Garreth F. Hirons in Looks Unfamiliar.

Looks Unfamiliar The Larks Ascending Extra: “You Can’t Exactly Wash The Dishes To You Suffer By Napalm Death”

The Larks Ascending is a new book by Tim Worthington looking at the history of Comedy on BBC Radio 3. In this special extra edition of Looks Unfamiliar, Tim talks to Garreth F. Hirons about the book and some of the programmes covered in it, including the infamous ‘Piotr Zak’ hoax, David Renwick and Andrew Marshall’s academic broadcasting parody The Half-Open University, left-wing theatre troupe sitcom Blood And Bruises, The National Theatre Of Brent’s ‘History of mankind from the First Amoeba to the Second World War’ All The World’s A Globe, Chris Morris chatting to Peter Cook in Why Bother?, and Armando Iannucci’s interval talk on how to Use Your Ears. We’ll also be appreciating some quality drumming, starting a Mexican Wave with Dr. Hans Keller, and definitely not enrolling on Professor Alan Alanson’s Magic Brain Programme (Guaranteed Not To Work!).

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Looks Unfamiliar is hosted by Podnose.

You can get The Larks Ascending in paperback here and from the Kindle Store here. Fun At One, Tim’s previous book looking at comedy on BBC Radio 1 (including lots more about Chris Morris and Armando Iannucci), is available in paperback here or from the Kindle Store here.

You can hear Garreth as a guest on Looks Unfamiliar here and here, and in a Christmas Extra looking at some of Channel 4’s decidedly odd Christmas Day programming here. There’s more on forgotten radio comedy in the editions of Looks Unfamiliar with Jacqueline Rayner here and Justin Lewis here.

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