It’s An S Pod Thing!: S Club 7 – Back To The ’50s

S Club 7 - Back To The '50s (ITV, 1999).

It’s An S Pod Thing! is a podcast reviewing every episode of S Club 7’s insane television series, and on the latest edition you can hear me talking to Sophie Davies about S Club 7 – Back To The ’50s, the jaw-droppingly ridiculous feature-length special in which Jon, Jo, Rachel, Tina, Hannah, Paul and Bradley accidentally drive through a gap in time and end up back in 1959, caught up in a plot somewhere between Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Sapphire And Steel and Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!. No I’m not making any of that up.

This is a much weirder show than you might be imagining, and as well as debating the logistics of the gang’s approach to the Space/Time continuum, we also discuss the special’s equally weird production history and come up with theories as to how it ended up on ITV when the group’s main series were on the BBC, why they sometimes have a sentient car and a magic seven-strong handslap and sometimes don’t, why there are no actual Back To The Future references and much more besides. Including how and why I came to see it back when it was first transmitted in the first place…

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Special – Back to the 50s (with Tim Worthington) It's an S Pod Thing!

S Club 7 - Back To The '50s (ITV, 1999).

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