Space Sentinels

Space Sentinels (Filmation, 1977).

First shown in 1977 – and repeated for years afterwards – Space Sentinels was Filmation’s attempt to cash in on the emerging post-Star Wars ‘disco sci-fi’ boom, charting the heroic escapades of teenagers with the powers of gods Hercules, Mercury and Astrea – not to mention their mysterious sentient computer floating head mentor Sentinel One and his maintenance robot MO – as they battled dastardly comsic villains and intergalactic ne’er-do-wells across prog rock album cover-like landscapes to the accompaniment of a relentless wah-wah-drenched disco-funk soundtrack.

Back during the first lockdown, I joined fellow TV Cream alumnus Graham Kibble-White on TV Cream Stays Indoors for a chat about Space Sentinels; although I remember watching Space Sentinels very clearly indeed, I can recall very little actually about the series itself, so it was especially interesting to watch it as if it was ‘new’ and I found that there was plenty to say about the cacophonous backing music, the late seventies preponderance of Evil James Galway villains, whether every single Filmation cartoon had the exact same storyline every single week, and how Star Wars changed everything that sci-fi meant to space-hungry youngsters literally while Space Sentinels was still on the drawing board. And no, MO hasn’t got any more competent in the meantime.

You can download TV Cream Stays Indoors: Space Sentinels here and find it on Spotify here, or listen to it below…  

Incidentally, Graham provided the excellent cover art for a couple of my books as well as the logo for It’s Good, Except It Sucks – if you’re interested in deploying his design skills, give him a shout here!

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Further Listening

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Space Sentinels (Filmation, 1977).

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