Looks Unfamiliar #56: Meryl O’Rourke – The Soup Of The Underwear World

Sam On Boff's Island (BBC1, 1972) - listen to Meryl O'Rourke and Tim Worthington talking about it in Looks Unfamiliar.

Looks Unfamiliar 56: Meryl O’Rourke

Looks Unfamiliar is a podcast in which writer and occasional broadcaster Tim Worthington talks to a guest about some of the things that they remember that nobody else ever seems to.

Joining Tim this time is comedian Meryl O’Rourke, who’s literally rooting through her drawers as we speak in search of BBC Schools programme Sam On Boff’s Island, early portable television the Roadstar, early word processor the Canon StarWriter, Thames Television’s kids club magazine Telereporter, LWT magazine show The Six O’Clock Show, Tom Hanks sitcom Bosom Buddies, and The International Shoparound Exotic Glamourwear Catalogue. Along the way we’ll be estimating how many pills make Michael Rosen larger, failing to impress Russell Harty in a lift, considering the audience Venn Diagram for Dramarama: Spooky and Button Moon, puzzling over why less underwear costs more, and trying not to think too much about the operational logistics behind party invites reading ‘Graham is bringing his porn’.

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About Meryl

Meryl O’Rourke is a comedian; you can find details and dates for Meryl’s current show Vanilla – and much more besides – on Twitter at @MerylORourke.

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