Looks Unfamiliar #47: Jim Sangster – A Horrible Bee-In-A-Jar Type Noise

The Spice Girls: Spice World for the PlayStation - listen to Jim Sangster talking to Tim Worthington about it in Looks Unfamiliar.

Looks Unfamiliar 47: Jim Sangster

Looks Unfamiliar is a podcast in which writer and occasional broadcaster Tim Worthington talks to a guest about some of the things that they remember that nobody else ever seems to.

Joining Tim this time is writer Jim Sangster, who’s browsing the archive shelves for any trace of controversial BBC2 satirical drama A Small Problem, The Ballad Of Lady Di by The Hon. Nick Jones and Ian Macrae, early Channel 4 sci-fi sitcom They Came From Somewhere Else, ITV Nighttime supernatural anthology filler Worlds Beyond, The Spice Girls’ Spice World PlayStation game, and Rubovia. Along the way we’ll be finding out whether Princess Diana preferred Breaking Glass or Lancelot Link – Secret Chimp, what Minnie Mouse did with the master tape of A Young Person’s Guide To Getting Their Ball Back, and why you should never allow The Valeyard near your family’s bookshelf.

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About Jim

Jim Sangster is a writer and model maker. You can find Jim’s Redbubble store here, and follow him on Twitter at @Monster_Maker.


Instead of plugging a book this time, I’m asking you to donate to The Alzheimer’s Society instead. You’ll find out why when you listen to it.

Further Listening

Rubovia was also one of Tim’s choices when he appeared as the guest on an edition of Looks Unfamiliar, and you’ll find out why we both picked it soon enough; you can find it here.

Jim also appears in The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar alongside Anna Cale, Paul Abbott, Melanie Williams, Pete Prodge, Chris Hughes, and a hopless attempt by Tim and assorted past guests at successfully playing some TV tie-in DVD games, which you can find here.

Further Reading

You can find a feature about Rubovia – as part of ‘The TV That Time Forgot’ – here.

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