Betamax Video Club: Morons From Outer Space And Absolute Beginners

Morons From Outer Space.

You can hear me talking about Morons From Outer Space, Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones’ much-scoffed-at mid-eighties box office disaster, on the latest edition of the excellent eighties movie podcast Betamax Video Club. As well as standing up for the unfairly maligned movie – well, more of a not-that-bad overlong sketch that thinks it’s a full-length film script, but that’s exactly what I want from a comedy film frankly – and its entertainingly awful Jimmy Nail-assisted theme song, you can also hear some contentious opinions on Shooting Stars and Red Dwarf, a thoughtful assessment of why television comedians so rarely manage to pull off a big screen success, suggestions for some potential better titles than Morons From Outer Space, and some frankly inexcusable impressions of Griff.

You can find Betamax Video Club: Morons From Outer Space here,

David Bowie in Asbolute Beginners.

And if you’re in the mood to head down to the eighties video rental megastore, you can also lend an ear to my previous appearance on Betamax Video Club talking about 1986’s widely-panned all-singing all-dancing Bowie-equipped adaptation of Absolute Beginners – as well as touching on Julien Temple and David Bowie’s other big screen collaborations including the genuinely brilliant Jazzin’ For Blue Jean and the little-seen Tin Machine launch film – which you can find here.

Morons From Outer Space.

You can find more editions of Betamax Video Club, including appearances by Looks Unfamiliar guests John Rain, Emma Burnell and Ben Baker, here. You can follow Betamax Video Club on Twitter at @BetamaxPod.

If you’ve enjoyed hearing me on Betamax Video Club, there’s a lot more about eighties films that nobody else in their right mind would consider worthy of discussion in my book Can’t Help Thinking About Me, available in paperback here or from the Kindle Store here.

You can find more of my thoughts on Absolute Beginners – and David Bowie in general – here.

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