My 70s TV Childhood: The Sunday Gang

The Sunday Gang (BBC1, 1976-81).

You can currently hear me on My 70’s TV Childhood talking to Oliver Colling about The Sunday Gang, BBC1’s early morning religiously-slanted children’s programme featuring a mob of wacky teenagers presenting their somewhat individual slant on Bible stories while a puppet mouse screeched at them in the corner. And yes, THAT theme song.

It’s quite a wide-ranging chat taking in the whole supposed BBC/ITV Household divide, my first TV Crush, what part religion played in your choice of entertainment whether you liked it or not and much more besides. I had a lot of fun doing this so I hope you enjoy listening to it! You can download it here or listen in your browser here. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off out to do some knocking on doors and opening windows…

Tina Heath in The Sunday Gang (BBC1, 1976-81).

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Further Reading

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Further Listening

You can hear much more about churchgoing hi-jinks in the edition of Looks Unfamiliar with Una McCormack here.

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