Album To Album: Holy Holy

David Bowie - Holy Holy (Mercury, 1971) - listen to Tim Worthington talking to Arsalan Mohammad about Bowie's lost single on the Album To Album podcast,

Album To Album is the biggest and best David Bowie podcast and you can hear me on it charring with Arsalan Mohammad about Bowie’s little-heard ‘lost’ 1971 single, Holy Holy. A notorious commercial failure on its original release, Holy Holy was also effectively the very last few thundering chords of Bowie’s association with the ‘underground’ before he began determinedly chasing a wider and more permanent form of stardom, and while it may have a lot in common musically and lyrically with the accompanying album The Man Who Sold The World, it doesn’t really sound that much like anything else in Bowie’s back catalogue – something that might in fact help explain why it mysteriously disappeared for decades after its original release, only eventually resurfacing on the Five Years (1969-1973) box set in 2015.

During a lengthy chat we discuss some of the possible reasons for Holy Holy‘s quiet relegation to the sidelines, whether it occupies a more important position in Bowie’s artistic trajectory than anyone ever really gives it credit for, the fate of a couple of other bands that released similarly chaotic singles to little success in the wake of massive late sixties hits, whether Holy Holy would have been better regarded if it wasn’t by David Bowie, and exactly which Doctor Who stories Bowie might have seen while questioning where his career went next. There’s also some speculation on what might have gone on during the one known – and long lost – television appearance to promote Holy Holy.

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David Bowie - Holy Holy (Mercury, 1971) - listen to Tim Worthington talking to Arsalan Mohammad about Bowie's lost single on the Album To Album podcast,

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