Looks Unfamiliar Request Show Extra

Looks Unfamiliar Request Show Extra

This is a collection of highlights from previous editions of Looks Unfamiliar aimed at new listeners, so I thought I’d ask the current listeners what they thought should go in it. And there were more suggestions than I could even keep track of, including some pleasantly surprising favourites. I couldn’t get everything in – and believe me I did try – so here are the twelve most popular guests and choices as voted for by you, the Looks Unfamiliar listening public.

So enjoy another listen – or maybe even the first listen for some of you – to Bob Fischer on Giant Hogweed, Samira Ahmed on Havoc, Jenny Morrill on Boots Global Collection, Mitch Benn on Two-Stage Self-Assembly Ice Cream Cones, Mark Thompson on A. Mazing Monsters, Vikki Gregorich and Jeff Lewis on The Last American, Justin Lewis on Orbit, Emma Burnell on Split Second, Gillian Kirby on Teletext After Hours, Phil Norman on The Country Life Christmas Box, Andy Lewis on Vintage Anti-Enoch Powell Graffiti, and Rae Earl on Cheese And Onion. It’s every bit as eclectic as Anne Nightingale’s Radio 1 Request Show. Which reminds me, nobody’s chosen Win A Night Out With A Well-Known Paranoiac by Barry Andrews yet, have they…


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