Looks Unfamiliar: Ben Baker – If You’re One Of Those People Who Sells Crack…

Looks Familiar (Thames, 1970-87) - listen to Ben Baker and Tim Worthington talking about it in Looks Unfamiliar.

In this edition of Looks Unfamiliar, Tim Worthington is joined by Ben Baker to take a look back at the show that gave Looks Unfamiliar its name – ITV’s light-hearted Denis Norden-fronted nostalgia show Looks Familiar.

Looks Familiar is itself the stuff of hazy dust-caked photo-pages-falling-out-of-library-book recollections now, but how does it stand up in a world where irony is more important than accuracy when it comes to ‘remembering’ things? Is nostalgia really not what it used to be? Tim and Ben watch a couple of editions of Looks Familiar and have a bit of a chat about the timeless comic potential of endless clips of men dressed as women falling into some water, Richard Murdoch’s cameo in The Wire, and the cinematic careers of Alan Cowboy and ‘Britain’s Rin Tin Tin’ Ian The Dog. Plus, find out who we’d book for a revival of Looks Familiar!

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Looks Unfamiliar Looks Familiar Extra: "If You're One Of Those People Who Sells Crack…" Looks Unfamiliar

About Ben

Ben Baker is a quizmaster and writer. You can find his website here, and follow him on Twitter at @benbakerbooks.

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Further Listening

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Further Reading

There were sometimes decidedly less cosy programmes lurking in the daytime television schedules and you can read about one of them in You’re Weird, Ronald here.

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