The Zeitgeist Tapes: Dr. Pod


Tim Worthington talks to Emma Burnell and Steve Fielding about Doctor Who and politics in The Zeitgeist Tapes - the show that looks at where politics and popular culture collide.

Doctor Who and politics – with a capital and lower case ‘p’ – is the subject of discussion as I make a guest appearance in the Dr. Pod edition of The Zeitgeist Tapes, a podcast looking at where politics and popular culture collide, hosted by Emma Burnell and Steve Fielding.

In between chatting about favourite Doctors and hottest companions we chat about the cultural implications of Jodie Whittaker’s casting, whether Doctor Who has ever had an actual quantifiable political bias, what really inspired Harold Saxon and Harriet Jones, if Starship UK was a warning ahead of its time in more ways than one, and whether the original run of the series was ever really as ‘problematic’ as people seem to think. I also get to give my opinion on a number of stories from The Happiness Patrol to Marco Polo, and what’s more I think I managed to avoid mentioning Karen Gillan. Probably. And while Steve and Emma are the political experts, I’m fairly certain that I know more about Meglos than either of them. Which is the only time I’ll ever actually get to show off about that.

You can listen to The Zeitgeist Tapes: Dr. Pod here. Or indeed here…



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Further Listening

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