Looks Unfamiliar: Shows 7 – 12

Looks Unfamiliar

Looks Unfamiliar is a podcast in which Tim Worthington talks to a guest about some of the things that they remember that nobody else ever seems to.

Here are shows seven to twelve of Looks Unfamiliar, with some extra bits and links to where else you can find the guests.

Ben Baker

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“The famous Fourth Universal Monster”
Writer, quizmaster and podcast host Ben Baker joins Tim Worthington to talk about Toksvig, The Whizzkid’s Guide, Mysteries Of Old Peking, Mo-Ho-Bish-O-Pi, Go (the 1999 film), and Making Your Own TV Listings Magazines. [More]

Jem Roberts

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“ET is a definite thing”
Comedy Historian Jem Roberts joins Tim Worthington to talk about Doop by Doop, Dizzy (the ZX Spectrum game), Alien Blood, Nibbit Wheelz, Wet Wet Wet Being Any Good, and an advert reuniting Neil and Vyvyan from The Young Ones. [More]

Martin Ruddock

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“I made a plasticine Harold Macmillan”
Writer Martin Ruddock joins Tim to talk about The Baker Street BoysDoomlord, Robotix, The Fairy Tale AdventureThe Legend Of Tim Tyler and Thurman. [More]

Mark Griffiths

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“It was definitely an audience member, if you’ll pardon the pun”
Writer Mark Griffiths joins Tim to talk about Five Minutes by Mainframe, The Bloke Who Pulled His Pants Down On KilroyDisneyland by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Charles Hawtrey as a vampire on Runaround, BBC Records And Tapes’ Off Beat Sound Effects, and missing the first episode of a new series of Doctor Who because you were at the Doctor Who exhibition in Blackpool. [More]

Lisa Parker and Andrew Trowbridge

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“He looks like a normal boy with a nose”
Podcast hosts Lisa Parker and Andrew Trowbridge join Tim to talk about Big John Little JohnVirtual Murder, Matchbox Cascade, the Bobby Brewster books, Enid Blyton’s Mr Pink-Whistle, and the Jaws game. [More]

Steve O’Brien

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“E.T. Pretzel Design
Entertainment Journalist Steve O’Brien joins Tim to talk about Simon In The Land Of Chalk Drawings, KP Sky Divers, Health And EfficiencyIce Cold Cube and High Time by The Stone Roses, Brat Farrar and the Alfred Hitchcock And The Three Investigators books. [More]

The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar #2

Download The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar #2

“He’s not on a quest to find out, he’s just on a quest to get out”
Highlights featuring Ben Baker, Jem Roberts, Martin Ruddock, Mark Griffiths, Lisa Parker and Andrew Trowbridge and Steve O’Brien, as well as Tim on the radio talking about the long-forgotten remake of The Prisoner. [More]

Guest Links

Don’t Let’s Chart – Ben’s podcast
Round The Archives – Lisa and Andrew’s podcast
Ben Baker Books – Ben’s site
Jem Roberts – Jem’s site
I’ll Explain Later – Martin’s site
Mark Griffiths Books – Mark’s site

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