Looks Unfamiliar: Shows 49 – 54

Looks Unfamiliar - a podcast in which writer and occasional broadcaster Tim Worthington talks to a guest about some of the things that they remember that nobody else ever seems to.

Looks Unfamiliar is a podcast in which writer and occasional broadcaster Tim Worthington talks to a guest about some of the things that they remember that nobody else ever seems to.

Here are shows forty nine to fifty four of Looks Unfamiliar, with some extra bits and links to where else you can find the guests.

Mitch Benn

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“The Marvel and DC of Ice Cream”
Comedian Mitch Benn joins Tim Worthington to talk about Nobody’s House, Don’t Stand So Close To Me ’86 by The Police, Cyborg and Muton, Orion, Two Stage Self-Assembly Ice Cream Cones and Get Stuffed. [More]

Tim Worthington

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“That perfect collision of Time, Place and Loud Ties”
Writer and occasional broadcaster Tim Worthington joins Garreth F. Hirons to talk about Stop-Go!, It’s A Shame by Kris Kross, Spider-Woman, I Wanted To See You To See If I Wanted You by Moose, The ITV Encyclopedia Of Adventure, The Young Poisoner’s Handbook, the original version of Right Here by SWV and Radio Tip Top. [More]

Darrell Maclaine

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“Imperial Phase Matthew Corbett”
Writer and designer Darrell Maclaine joins Tim to talk about Luv’d Up by Crush, Trev And Simon’s World Tour, Blockbusters Bubble Gum, Learn With Sooty: Be Safe, Find Out More and Spike Milligan’s cameo in Steps Into Summer. [More]

Suzy Norman

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“I kept this sweaty scarf in my drawer for about two years”
Novelist Suzy Norman on Sugar Box by Then Jerico, Hugo The Hippo, peculiar Welsh family sayings, Jennifer And JosephineEastEnders‘ ‘Cat And Mouse’ storyline and Chambourcy Real Chocolate Mousse. [More]

Richard Littler

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“This is all that is left… of a wall”
Scarfolk creator Richard Littler on The Waltons: The ChangelingStar Wars Blackpool Illuminations, Ghost Special No. 2Meet Mr. Bomb, Maskatron, The Finishing LineSound Effects No. 13 – Death And HorrorCome Back Lucy and Richard Williams’ A Christmas Carol. [More]

Download Looks Unfamiliar 2001 Extra

“We’ve All Seen The Christmas Tapes…”
Some extra chat with Richard about a BBC transmission of 2001: A Space Odyssey that might well have been tampered with by the ‘Backroom Boys’.

Gary Bainbridge

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“There must be some kid getting a hundred and fifty grand”
Writer Gary Bainbridge on Coast To CoastDeadly BoringSupersonic Man, Audisee’s  The War Of The WorldsLimp-Along LeslieThat Look In Your Eye by Ali Campbell featuring Pamela Starks, Ace Reports Annual 1981 and Unbranded Soluble Cola Tablets. [More]

Looks Unfamiliar Christmas Extra

Download Looks Unfamiliar Christmas Extra

“It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure of News
Podcaster Phil Catterall on the Christmas Specials of On The Hour, The Chris Morris Music Show and Lee And Herring. [More]

Looks Unfamiliar Now The Christmas Album Extra

Download Looks Unfamiliar Now The Christmas Album Extra

“Just cross that four out and put a five in”
Writer Ben Baker on the original version of Now – The Christmas Album. [More]

The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar #9

Download The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar #9

“I have a photo of you admiring that lettering”
Highlights featuring Mitch Benn, Tim Worthington, Darrell Maclaine, Suzy Norman, Richard Littler, Gary Bainbridge, Phil Catterall and Ben Baker, plus Tim on The Zeitgeist Tapes talking to Emma Burnell and Steve Fielding about the Clangers Election Special. [More]

Guest Links

Mitch Benn – Mitch’s website
Darrell Maclaine – Darrell’s YouTube Channel
The Ground Is Full Of Holes – Suzy’s novel
Scarfolk Council – Richard’s website
Gary Bainbridge – Gary’s website
Don’t Let’s Chart – Ben and Phil’s podcast

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