Looks Unfamiliar: Shows 43 – 48

Looks Unfamiliar - a podcast in which Tim Worthington talks to a guest about some of the things that they remember that nobody else ever seems to.

Looks Unfamiliar is a podcast in which writer and occasional broadcaster Tim Worthington talks to a guest about some of the things that they remember that nobody else ever seems to.

Here are shows forty three to forty eight of Looks Unfamiliar, with some extra bits and links to where else you can find the guests.

Anna Cale

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“Mrs. Mangel’s living room was the bane of my life”
Writer Anna Cale joins Tim Worthington to talk about the Neighbours sticker album, Wendy Cracked A Walnut, Rogue, Sosmix, Secrets Of The Sea and the Shackleton’s High Seat Chairs advert. [More]

Chris Hughes

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“The Mr. Wilmott-Brown of chocolate bars”
Writer Chris Hughes joins Tim Worthington to talk about Buzzfax, Hector The Help The Aged Dog, Load Runner, The Gillette Video Show, The One-Two Bar, Mordillo, Morse (He’s A Mystery To Me) by Codex and The British Banknote Keyring. [More]

Melanie Williams

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“She was just completely expunged from the Girl-verse”
Academic Melanie Williams joins Tim Worthington to talk about Kelly Monteith, Aubrey, Kellogg’s Rise And Shine, Patty’s World, Mustard Mind, The Man Who Juggled Blocks On Variety Shows and Rimmel Coffee Shimmer. [More]

Download Looks Unfamiliar #45 Extra

“Puzzling, impressive and very French”
Some extra chat with Melanie about previous Looks Unfamiliar choices Dead Ernest, Once Upon A Time… Man, Battle Of The Planets and The Legend Of Tim Tyler, along with some additional thoughts on Star Fleet, Ulysses 31 and Mr. Rossi Looks For Happiness.

Paul Abbott

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“So I started writing about Gobots instead”
Musician Paul Abbott joins Tim Worthington to talk about The Compleat Beatles, Zeeb And The Martians, Crab E. Crab, Rock Lords: Narlies, the Commodore Plus/4 and The Late Night Funster Show. [More]

Jim Sangster

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“A horrible bee-in-a-jar type noise”
Writer Jim Sangster joins Tim Worthington to talk about A Small Problem, The Ballad Of Lady Di, They Came From Somewhere Else, Worlds BeyondSpice World The PlayStation Game and Rubovia. [More]

Pete Prodge

Download Looks Unfamiliar with Pete Prodge

“Paul Nuttalls of the UCHIPS”
Comedian Pete Prodge joins Tim Worthington to talk about How Dare You!, School Fun, Curse Of Sherwood, The Evil Horde, Burton’s Potato Puffs and the Dune Sticker Album. [More]

Looks Unfamiliar Telly Addicts Extra

Download Looks Unfamiliar Telly Addicts Extra

“It’s two Bob The Builders – that’s not snap”
Previous guests Garreth F. Hirons, Vikki Gregorich and Jeff Lewis join Tim Worthington to play the Telly Addicts DVD game.

The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar #8

Download The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar #8

“I never thought I’d think Tom Baker was going on too much”
Highlights featuring Anna Cale, Chris Hughes, Melanie Williams, Paul Abbott, Jim Sangster and Pete Prodge, plus an attempt by several previous guests at playing Tom Baker’s Ultimate Sci-Fi Quiz. [More]

Guest Links

The Rest Is Propaganda – Anna’s website
What We Just Watched – Chris’ podcast
(Music For) The Head Ballet – Paul’s podcast
Escape To Danger – Jim’s website
Reheated Pixels – Pete’s website

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