Looks Unfamiliar: Shows 37 – 42

Looks Unfamiliar

Looks Unfamiliar is a podcast in which writer and occasional broadcaster Tim Worthington talks to a guest about some of the things that they remember that nobody else ever seems to.

Here are shows thirty seven to forty two of Looks Unfamiliar, with some extras and links to where else you can find the guests.

Michael Livesley

Download Looks Unfamiliar with Michael Livesley

“He was pitching his fellow potatoes into the fat”
Actor Michael Livesley joins Tim Worthington to talk about The Rupert Bear Flexidisc, The How And Why Wonder Book Of Dinosaurs, Murphy’s Crisps, a newsflash about Violet Carson, Topps Football ’78 and Clumsy Colin Action Biker. [More]

Gillian Kirby

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“What’s not work-safe about sick worms?”
Juggler Gillian Kirby joins Tim Worthington to talk about an unidentified episode of Dramarama, Teletext After Hours, Transvision Vamp, Orbitz, Seattle Coffee Company, bolt.com and S.T.A.R.S.. [More]

Paul Putner

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“There’s no Drill version of the theme to Hunted”
Actor Paul Putner joins Tim Worthington to talk about Phone Home by Johnny Chingas, The Night Walker, Treborland, Holmes And YoyoOut Of Town and Vectrex Arcade System. [More]

Andy Lewis

Download Looks Unfamiliar with Andy Lewis

“It was as though someone had phoned through a description of what Coke tasted like”
Musician Andy Lewis joins Tim Worthington to talk about The Aeronauts, Spy In Space by Patrick Moore, Sir Galaxy, Gorgo, The Secret Of Steel City and Vintage Anti-Enoch Powell Graffiti. [More]

Chris Shaw

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“It’s half three and something is happening”
Beatle Academic Chris Shaw joins Tim Worthington to talk about Bailey’s Comets, Evoluon, Rock SchoolThe Phantom Tollbooth, Robbie Vincent’s Phone-In Show and F.I.S.T.. [More]

Bob Fischer

Download Looks Unfamiliar with Bob Fischer

“False Flag Giant Hogweed”
Broadcaster Bob Fischer joins Tim Worthington to talk about The Tom O’Connor Roadshow, Giant Hogweed, Can’t Get A Ticket (For The World Cup) by Peter Dean, Glee Bars, J. Edward Oliver’s ‘Abolish Tuesdays’ and How To Be A Wally. [More]

The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar #7

Download The Best Of Looks Unfamiliar #7

“I personally blame Mr. Brackett for that”
Highlights featuring Gillian Kirby, Paul Putner, Andy Lewis, Bob Fischer, Chris Shaw and Michael Livesley, as well as Tim on Round The Archives talking about Chigley, and a special guest appearance from Ben Baker and Phil Catterall. [More]

The Larks Ascending Extra

Download Looks Unfamiliar The Larks Ascending Extra

“You can’t exactly wash the dishes to You Suffer by Napalm Death”
Tim Worthington and Garreth F. Hirons have a chat about comedy on BBC Radio 3 and Tim’s new book The Larks Ascending. [More]

Don’t Let’s Chart Extra

Download Looks Unfamiliar Don’t Let’s Chart Extra

“Dust On Edge”
Ben Baker and Phil Catterall present a special Looks Unfamiliar crossover edition of their podcast Don’t Let’s Chart, as they count down eBay’s Top Selling Children’s Annuals. [More]

Guest Links

I Am The Eggpod – Chris’ podcast
Retrospecticus – Garreth’s Podcast
Don’t Let’s Chart – Ben and Phil’s podcast
Michael Livesley – Michael’s site
Paul Putner – Paul’s site
Sgt. Pepper Photos – Chris’ site
Bob Fischer – Bob’s BBC Tees radio show
Atomic Sourpuss – Garreth’s site

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