Can’t Help Thinking About Me


Just in case there wasn’t enough already in Can’t Help Thinking About Me – available in paperback here or from the Kindle store here – here’s a page full of playlists, interviews, extra content and much more besides. There’s going to be more added to this page regularly so keep checking back. But not before you’ve bought the book, obviously…

Playlist – Tape Over This And I Will Thump You

Part Two of Can’t Help Thinking About Me talks a lot about compilation tapes, and how much we used to rely on them for finding out about ‘new’ old sounds. Here’s a virtual C90 full of tracks I discovered through actual C90s made for me by others, featuring Can, Jake Thackray, The Free Design, Tim Buckley, Francoise Hardy and many more…

Looks Unfamiliar

rubovia2I’m the guest in the latest edition of my podcast Looks Unfamiliar, talking about some things that are in the book like RuboviaSkyman, Nick Drake and the Jackanory adaptation of Starstormers, and lots more besides. And yes I do mention Can’t Help Thinking About Me a few times.

You can download it from here.

Playlist – Sounds Of The 60s

To accompany See You Next Week!, a brand new piece in the book about how much I love Radio 2’s early Saturday Morning archive show Sounds Of The 60s, here’s a playlist featuring some of the records I discovered through the show and later spent a long time hunting down, featuring Tomorrow, Joanie Sommers, Mark Wirtz, The Lemon Tree, Jake Thackray, Cleo Laine, Glenda Collins, Alan Klein and Bernard Cribbins.

Read An Extract!

If you’re looking for a taste of what’s inside Can’t Help Thinking About Me, you can read the intro to a piece about Blur’s big 1993 comeback single For Tomorrow, looking at my days as an early follower of what we didn’t actually know was called ‘Britpop’ yet, here.

What Is It?

If you’re wondering exactly what Can’t Help Thinking About Me is, and why it is, here’s a video filmed during the photo session for the book cover, which I think just about explains it…

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