Hallo My Dalek! – Doctor Who Chronicles: 1975

Doctor Who Chronicles: 1975

Doctor Who Chronicles: 1975 is out now, and includes a feature by me on the numerous spoofs, spinoffs, parodies and pastiches that appeared in the wake of Tom Baker’s first appearance sporting that endlessly imitated extremely long multicoloured scarf. This includes sketches and inserts on The Basil Brush Show, Crackerjack (don’t), Disney Time and the fondly if hazily recalled BBC Schools programme Mathshow, with new production detail on each, and even a couple of other shows that made with the Doctor Who funnies which have escaped attention until now. There’s also a look at what the newly available for comedy work Jon Pertwee was up to while all of this was going on, including his memorable linkup with The Goodies.

You can get Issue Doctor Who Chronicles: 1975 from all good newsagents or directly from the magazine’s website here.

You can find a lot more of my writing about the Tom Baker era of Doctor Who in Not On Your Telly, a collection of columns and features on the theme of ‘lost’ television. Not On Your Telly is available in paperback here or from the Kindle Store here. Meanwhile, if you want to hear me talking to Emma Burnell and Steve Fielding about Doctor Who on the politics and pop culture podcast The Zeitgeist Tapes, you can find that here.

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