Shindig!: Tim Buckley At The Beeb

My Fleeting House - Tim Buckley At The BBC by Tim Worthington (Shindig! Issue 104).

Issue 104 of Shindig! includes a feature by me on Tim Buckley’s BBC television and radio performances in 1968. This was a pivotal moment in his career, when he was moving away from his earlier folk-rock singer-songwriter style towards acoustic free jazz with experimental edges, and the freedom offered by late-night arts shows an entire ocean away from nervous record label executives provided him with a key opportunity to explore this. Some of these performances – notably his sessions for Radio 1’s Top Gear and the celebrated performance on BBC2 arts review show Late Night Line-Up – still exist; others are possibly gone forever, but I’ve gone to considerable lengths to try and work out what song might have caused a row with the studio team on Once More With Felix and whether he actually even turned up for How It Is or not.

It’s about much more than just the music, though, and there’s plenty of detail about the BBC’s commitment to arts broadcasting in the late sixties, where these programmes sat in the average viewer or listener’s day, and the general experience of making music in those tiny and cramped studios, one of which he liked so much there was some talk of recording Blue Afternoon in it (although I stopped short of expressing my theory on where Happy Time suddenly acquired a new and suspiciously familiar ending from); there’s also some speculation on what might still exist out there, and what else could be done with what actually does. Basically, if you’re interested in sixties music or sixties television – or both – then you should find a lot to enjoy in this. It’s something that I’ve been wanting to write for a very long time, so I’m very glad indeed that Shindig! gave me the opportunity to.

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Tim Buckley performing on Late Night Line-Up (BBC2, 1968).

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