TV Cream Stays Indoors: Space Sentinels

Space Sentinels (Filmation, 1977).

I’m on  TV Cream Stays Indoors talking about Filmation’s 1977 genre-defining Disco Sci-Fi effort Space Sentinels. Although I very clearly remember watching the adventures of Hercules, Mercury, Astrea, MO and Sentinel One, I remembered very little actually about the series itself, so it was a particularly interesting one to revisit and realise just how much I confused it with Battle Of The Planets. During an extremely fun chat we discuss the cacophonous backing music, the late seventies preponderance of Evil James Galway villains, whether every single Filmation cartoon had the exact same storyline every single week, and how Star Wars changed everything that sci-fi meant to space-hungry youngsters literally while Space Sentinels was still on the drawing board.

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TV Cream Stays Indoors: Tim Worthington watches Space Sentinels.

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