Doctor Who Magazine: Let’s Do The Mindwarp Again

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 543, including an interview with The Trial Of A Time Lord musician Richard Hartley by Tim Worthington.

You can still get Let’s Do The Mindwarp Again, my feature about composer Richard Hartley’s quest to recreate his lost soundtrack for the 1986 Doctor Who story Mindwarp, in Issue 543 of Doctor Who Magazine. As well as the fascinating process of piecing together a score originally recorded on analogue equipment that you now no longer own, the feature also looks at Richard’s wide and varied career in music, from co-writing The Rocky Horror Show to working with Torvill And Dean and Wham! to producing pop hits for Mari Wilson and Meat Loaf, and even his theme for the controversial BBC drama serial Dead Head, which it turned out was what landed Richard the Doctor Who gig in the first place. There’s even a bit of chat about Richard’s own musical tastes, which might come as a bit of a surprise to Doctor Who fans… and if you need any more persuading, even Russell T. Davies thought it was great!

Even if you’re not a Doctor Who fan, there’s a lot in this about seventies stage musicals, eighties pop music, vintage synths (and how to recreate their sounds when you’ve got rid of them only a couple of months before you needed them again), long-forgotten BBC costume dramas and much more besides. If you enjoyed Not On Your Telly, then this is definitely one you won’t want to miss.

You can get Issue 543 of Doctor Who Magazine as a digital edition for your phone/tablet/Emulator III Module Cartridge from here.

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