Doctor Who And Sky Ray

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 528 - including a feature by Tim Worthington on the 1960s Doctor Who Sky Ray ice lolly tie-in campaign.

You can still get Reach For The Sky, my feature about the Dalek-heavy Doctor Who tie-in promotion run by Wall’s Sky Ray ice lollies in the late sixties, in Issue 528 of Doctor Who Magazine. It’s a huge and detailed article that looks at the history of Wall’s ice cream and the numerous other Sky Ray promotions (and their rival Lyons Maid’s lengthy hook-up with Gerry And Sylvia Anderson), as well as some fascinating behind the scenes detail on the making of that bizarre television advert with a fake Patrick Troughton on a genuine-ish Tardis set with real Daleks; yes I did find out who he was and what else he did, as well as why there were entirely different edits of the advert in black and white and colour… and who didn’t make it into the final version of the advert!

If you enjoy my usual features but aren’t necessarily a fan of Doctor Who, you’ll probably still enjoy this feature anyway as it’s as much about sixties advertising, the evolution of branded ice cream and the history of tie-in promotions as it is about Doctor Who itself, and there’s lots of other great stuff in the issue including a feature on some of the hidden treasures of Douglas Adams’ archive. You’ll enjoy it more than you’re expecting!

You can get Issue 528 of Doctor Who Magazine as a digital edition for your phone/tablet/Space Raider Communication Link from here.

Well At Least It's Free by Tim Worthington.

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