Meryl O'Rourke - Vanilla.

Top Looks Unfamiliar guest Meryl O’Rourke is doing an online performance of her latest live comedy show Vanilla on Saturday 6th February at 8.30pm. Vanilla – which ‘contains nasty words about nasty events’ – is a show about… well, I’ll let Meryl explain it herself:

“The stand up and BBC’s New World Order writer questions what her kids are being sold, and if any of it makes sense. Her daughter tobogganing into puberty, Meryl compares her own sexy teens with this age of pop, porn & popcorn; where consent is a hashtag, feminism a t-shirt & the 90s look a little different through the lens of MeToo…”

…and if you’ve heard Meryl on Looks Unfamiliar – particularly her last choice – then you’ll know just how funny that’s going to be.

You can find out more about how to see Vanilla on Meryl’s Twitter feed here – and if you still need convincing, make sure that you have a listen to Meryl on Looks Unfamiliar here.

See you there!

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