Doctor Who And BBC Records And Tapes

Doctor Who Magazine #524 - including a feature on Doctor Who related releases on BBC Records And Tapes by Tim Worthington.

You can still get RESL Mania, my feature about Doctor Who-related releases from BBC Records And Tapes, in Issue 524 of Doctor Who Magazine. It’s a huge and detailed article looking at the various theme singles, sound effects collections, spoken word releases and actual albums of actual music from Doctor Who (which there weren’t as many of as you might think, but you could still find Doctor Who music masquerading as something else entirely in the most unlikely and unexpected places), and plenty more besides including what happened to the single version of the 1987 theme music, sort of vaguely-related solo albums by members of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and how the theme tune from stony-faced adult-orientated semi-Doctor Who spinoff heavy drama Moonbase 3 ended up on an album of children’s music. There was a time when these curious records were – apart from the novels – literally all you had while Doctor Who was off the air, and it was high time that somebody – well, me –  wrote about them with as much fondness as we all felt for them way back when. Yes, even Sci-Fi Sound Effects (No. 26).

If you’ve read Top Of The Box, my book about BBC Records And Tapes, then you’ll definitely find this a nice complementary piece, with a broader view of how the label treated individual ‘brands’ and how nobody involved could seemingly ever quite agree on what form a Doctor Who-related audio release should actually take…

You can get Issue 524 of Doctor Who Magazine as a digital edition for your phone/tablet/Occuloid Tracker from here.

Top Of The Box - The Complete Guide To BBC Records And Tapes Singles by Tim Worthington.

You can find much more about BBC Records And Tapes – and many of its Doctor Who-related releases – in my book Top Of The Box, a guide to every single released by the label. Including all the weird disco versions of sci-fi theme tunes. Top Of The Box is available in paperback here or from the Kindle Store here.

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