Confined To Barracks

Tim Worthington on Confined To Barracks With Mitch Benn.

I’m on Mitch Benn’s new podcast Confined To Barracks, in which Mitch and a guest talk about some suggestions for ideas of what you might like to read, watch, listen to and do while we’re all being encouraged to stay indoors as much as possible.

My recommendations are Psychedelia And Other Colours by Rob Chapman, Jessica JonesRetrospecticus – The Simpsons And Modern History Together At LastDon’t Let’s Chart and the mystic ancient art of Lego, and if you want to hear exactly why I think you will enjoy all of the above too, then you can download my appearance on Confined To Barracks here or listen to it in your browser here.

If you want to hear even more about why I think you will enjoy all of the above too, though, then head for Mitch’s Patreon here, where you can find a longer version alongside similarly extended chats with other guests including a particularly recommended appearance by Samira Ahmed.

Confined To Barracks With Mitch Benn: Tim Worthington


More About My Choices…

You Can’t Seem To Find How You Got There, So Just Blow Your Mind is a feature I wrote about Psychedelia And Other Colours; you can find it here. There’s also a section on Rob’s compilation sleevenotes – including Paisley Pop – in The Books I Couldn’t Help Thinking About here.

My Marvel Cinematic Universe podcast It’s Good, Except It Sucks hasn’t actually quite reached Jessica Jones yet, so instead, for the moment, I’m going to recommend you start with Melanie Williams on Captain America: The First Avenger; you can listen to it here.

You can find the Retrospecticus – The Simpsons And Modern History Together At Last website here and follow Retrospecticus on Twitter at @_Retrospecticus (don’t forget the underscore because they can’t!). I’d especially recommend Episode 19, Dead Web Page Society, in which Garreth discusses Dead Putting Society, Tom discusses the invention of the World Wide Web, and they both try and fail to explain Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoine to international listeners.

You can find more about Don’t Let’s Chart here, and follow the show on Twitter at @dontletschart. If you’re new to Don’t Let’s Chart, I’d particularly recommend this collection of highlights featuring Amazon’s Top Selling Books About Gravy, The Most Popular Terry And June Characters, The World’s Most Dangerous Toys and a Richard Nixon Quiz. You can also find a special that Ben and Phil did for Looks Unfamiliar – looking at eBay’s top-selling children’s annuals – here.

You can hear Mitch appearing on my podcast Looks Unfamiliar – talking about Nobody’s HouseDon’t Stand So Close To Me ’86 by The Police, Cyborg and Muton, Orion, Two Stage Self-Assembly Ice Cream Cones and Get Stuffedhere.

If you’d prefer to start with a collection of listener selected highlights from Looks Unfamiliar – featuring Mitch on Two Stage Self-Assembly Ice Cream Cones alongside Bob Fischer on Giant Hogweed, Samira Ahmed on Havoc, Jenny Morrill on Boots Global Collection, Mark Thompson on A. Mazing Monsters, Vikki Gregorich and Jeff Lewis on The Last American, Justin Lewis on Orbit, Emma Burnell on Split Second, Gillian Kirby on Teletext After Hours, Phil Norman on The Country Life Christmas Box, Andy Lewis on Vintage Anti-Enoch Powell Graffiti and Rae Earl on Cheese And Onion – then you can find that here.

Finally, you can get my book Can’t Help Thinking About Me, a collection of columns and features with a personal twist, in paperback here or from the Kindle Store here. You know you want to.


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