Doctor Who And The Fugitive Of The Judoon

Doctor Who - Fugitive Of The Judoon (BBC1, 2020).

You can find my review of Fugitive Of The Judoon, the barnstorming, surprise-toting, bafflement-raising, Barrowmantastic most recent instalment of Doctor Who on the Space Time Telegraph website here. It’s possibly not the usual kind of review that you might be expecting from me, but then again… Fugitive Of The Judoon wasn’t really the usual kind of episode. So if you want to read about everyone’s favourite WO CHO BO MO-shouters with a lot of side references to The Thick Of It, seaQuest DSV, Fisher Price Jack In The Boxes and Smeg’n’The Heads from Red Dwarf, then step right this way

Doctor Who - Fugitive Of The Judoon (BBC1, 2020).

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