Well At Least It’s Free

Well At Least It's Free by Tim Worthington.

Well At Least It’s Free is a book collecting many of my earlier columns and features, most of them about cult television old and new but there’s also a good deal about films, music and, erm, some people in Quality Street getup marching around a park playing an out-of-tune version of Ain’t Go No – I Got Life on brass band instruments they had clearly never picked up before. It’s available in paperback here or from the Kindle Store here, but you’re probably wanting to know what’s in it and why you should be spending your evenings dipping into it instead of arguing with lines of Russian code on Twitter, so here’s a list of some of the highlights (much of which isn’t available anywhere else)…

Do The Russell! – a look back at the entirety of Russell T. Davies’ reinvented Doctor Who, all the way from Rose to The End Of Time: Part Two

Billy Lyre – a complete guide to Doctor Who‘s black and white historical stories, including speculation on what went on in the ones we no longer have the visuals for

Jacob’s Flagger – an as-it-happened reaction to television’s longest and lamest con-trick, the final series of Lost

Hamble In The Sight Of The Bored – a salute – as we’re all too terrified to make it anything else more honest – to Play School‘s most terrifying resident toy

Where To Look For Where To Look For Wild Flowers – what were the books on Professor Yaffle’s shelf in Bagpuss, and how easy are they to find now?

Orme And Cheap – why you should let nothing in ze world stop you from loving that most unloved of Doctor Who stories, The Underwater Menace

School’s Out! – the full, unpublished ‘Making Of’ booklet from the cancelled DVD release of Hardwicke House

Plus there’s lots more about Watch With Mother, Tales From Europe, Camberwick Green, Zokko!, Jackanory, The Box Of Delights, The Secret Service, and absolutely tons about Daleks. No, seriously, an entire Master Plan’s worth…

You can get Well At Least It’s Free in paperback here or from the Kindle Store here.


Paperback – Kindle


© Tim Worthington.
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