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Looks Unfamiliar - the podcast about all the things that you remember that nobody else ever does.

Looks Unfamiliar is a podcast in which Tim Worthington talks to a guest about some of the things that they remember that nobody else ever seems to, and since it was given a hefty plug by Grace Dent in The Guardian this morning the listening figures have quadrupled. So before this wave of excitement becomes as forgotten as the Giant Hogweed panic, Rubovia and whatever those ice creams that Ros Ballinger remembers actually were, I thought it was a sensible idea to do a short introduction to new listeners to give them some idea of where to look and what to expect.

I’m always keen to find interesting rather than just ‘big name’ guests per se – and it’s worth pointing out that the two most listened to editions by far are the ones featuring Mark Thompson and Gillian Kirby – but realistically a lot of you will have come here looking for editions featuring guests you’ve actually heard of, so here’s a couple to start with:


Rae Earl on Rock’n’Bubble, The Home Cookery ClubCodename IcarusPuzzle Party, comedy duo Cheese And Onion, and the episodes of Battle Of The Planets where Zoltar was a woman. [Download]

Samira Ahmed on The Saturday Banana, Havoc, The Changes, Childhood Misapprehensions About The News, Nurdin & Peacock Own Brand Cola, The School Computer and that time that Picture Box used a clip from Cleopatra Jones. [Download]

Martin Belam on the Laurel And Hardy cartoon, Faith No More on Top Of The Pops, missing scenes from Flash Gordon, touring space shuttles, a documentary on Dr. Mabuse by Propaganda, and New Order not being able to play Your Silent Face live. [Download]

Paul Cornell on Phoenix FiveFear In Firland, Danny Dunn, Outa-Space, Astral Projection Instruction Manuals and Terry Wogan’s eccentric playlist choices. [Download]

Paul Putner on Phone Home by Johnny Chingas, The Night Walker, Treborland, Holmes And YoyoOut Of Town and Vectrex Arcade System. [Download]


I would happily list all of the others here to be honest as I’ve loved every single show I’ve done, but it seems sensible to mention a couple that would be especially good starting points for newcomers, so here you go:

Darrell Maclaine on Carols At Christmas by The Greater Manchester Police Choir, FunFax: Disguise And False Identity, Rubik’s Clock, The Brennan JB7 Advert, VTech Master Video Painter and the Children’s BBC Broom Cupboard 1996 April Fool’s Day Hoax. [Download]

Jenny Morrill on Boots Global Collection, The Just Seventeen Yearbook, P&O’s La Mer Advert, an animation about a bird that gets turned into a bat, Diary Of A Manic Street Preachers Fan, and a film her dad remembers about some sheep. [Download]

Emma Burnell on The Royal Potwasher, Melody Radio, Channel 4’s Accidental Death Of An AnarchistA Woman In Your Own RightThe Lords Of Midnight and Herman’s Head. [Download]

Justin Lewis on Neither Fish Nor Flesh by Terence Trent D’Arby, In One Ear, The London Symphony Orchestra version of TommyOrbitPop Score and the Welsh Language dubbed version of Trumpton. [Download]

Andy Lewis on The AeronautsSpy In Space by Patrick Moore, Sir Galaxy, GorgoThe Secret Of Steel City and Vintage Anti-Enoch Powell Graffiti. [Download]


If you’d rather hear some highlights from across all of the shows, however, then you’re in luck as I regularly do compilations of the best moments (with some exclusive clips of me appearing on other shows, so they’re worth hearing even if you’re a regular listener:

Best Of #1: Phil Catterall on Star Wars: Droids, Garreth F. Hirons on Food Fighters, Mark Thompson on Night Shift, Stephen O’Brien on The Morecambe And Wise Game, Ben Baker on Fiendish Feet, Emma Burnell on The Patchwork Monkey. [Download]

Best Of #2: Ben Baker on Mysteries Of Old Peking, Jem Roberts on an advert reuniting The Young Ones, Martin Ruddock on Doomlord, Lisa Parker and Andrew Trowbridge on The Jaws Game, Steve O’Brien on High Time and Ice Cold Cube by The Stone Roses, and Mark Griffiths on The Bloke Who Pulled His Pants Down On Kilroy. [Download]

Best Of #3: Rae Earl on Codename Icarus, Samira Ahmed on Nurdin & Peacock Own Brand Cola, Steve Berry on Morning Has Broken, Will Maclean on Once Upon A Time… Man, Jacqueline Rayner on Pippa Dolls and Una McCormack on Screw-Top Virgin Marys. [Download]

Best Of #4: Jonny Morris on Jesta Giggle by The Barron Knights, Paul Kirkley on The Kids From Fame Again, Darrell Maclaine on The Brennan JB7, James Gent on When The Wind Blows by David Bowie, Ros Ballinger on Microsoft Explorapedia, and Garreth F. Hirons on Sweet 75. [Download]

Best Of #5: Tim Worthington on Secrets From The School Underground, Jack Kibble-White on Don’t Give Up Your Day Job by Richard Digance, Jenny Morrill on The Just Seventeen Yearbook, Martin Belam on The Laurel & Hardy Cartoon, John Rain on Hello Mum and Phil Norman on The Country Life Christmas Box. [Download]

Best Of #6: Vikki Gregorich and Jeff Lewis on The Secret Cabaret, Mark Thompson on Libby’s Moonshine, Justin Lewis on Neither Fish Nor Flesh by Terence Trent D’Arby, Emma Burnell on Melody Radio, Stephen Brotherstone and Dave Lawrence on The Lone Ranger by Quantum Jump, Paul Cornell on Terry Wogan’s eccentric playlist choices, and a couple of bits from the Christmas Special with Stephen O’Brien and Garreth F. Hirons talking about bizarre festive musical efforts. [Download]

[With apologies to Michael Livesley, Gillian Kirby, Paul Putner, Andy Lewis, Chris Shaw and Bob Fischer who will be in the next one!]


…and as you may have worked out from the above, yes – I’ve been the guest myself, talking about The Only Way by Lisa Stansfield, The Brain, the Jackanory adaptation of Starstormers, a Public Information Film about boat safety, I Was Made To Love Magic by Nick Drake, Secrets From The School UndergroundSkyman and Rubovia. [Download]


So, yes, hello – I hope you enjoy Looks Unfamiliar and you have a look around here while you’re listening. You can follow me on Twitter at @outonbluesix and Looks Unfamiliar itself at @looksunfamiliar. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a lot of notifications to get through…


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