Looks Unfamiliar Don’t Let’s Chart Extra: “Dust On Edge”

The Wacky Races Annual 1970, as discussed by Ben Baker and Phil Catterall in Looks Unfamiliar.

Looks Unfamiliar Don’t Let’s Chart Extra: “Dust On Edge”

As a special extra treat for fans of Looks Unfamiliar, here’s Ben Baker and Phil Catterall with a special Looks Unfamiliar-themed edition of their podcast Don’t Let’s Chart. In Don’t Let’s Chart, Ben and Phil will make their way through a series of charts and lists that nobody in their right mind should be paying any attention to – and often than nobody in their right mind should have made possible in the first place – and for this special edition they’re counting down a chart specially chosen for them by Tim – eBay’s top-selling annuals for February 2019!

Can you tell the real Rupert Bear stories from the ones that Ben’s just made up? Did Phil write every episode of Wacky Races? And whatever happened to The Chamberlain Bear Annual 1940 and The Degas Annual 1964? Find out all this and more – including just how racist The Dandy got at certain points – in Don’t Let’s Chart!

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Ben Baker and Phil Catterall present Don’t Let’s Chart, a podcast counting down ridiculous charts and lists of statistics that nobody needed to collate ever, from The Least High Profile Performers At The Royal Variety Performance to The Top Selling Second Hand Pre-Cert Videos. You can find more about Don’t Let’s Chart at Ben’s website here, and follow the show on Twitter at @dontletschart. If you’re new to Don’t Let’s Chart, I’d particularly recommend this one featuring Marvel’s Worst Superheroes, The World’s Most Dangerous Toys, and a Richard Nixon Quiz.

You can hear more examples of baffling annuals from years gone by – many of them worth up to five pence at makeshift church hall jumble sales – in the Looks Unfamiliar Annuals Extra with Jenny Morrill here.


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