Round The Archives: A Present For Lord Belborough

Chigley - opening caption.

I’m on the latest edition of Round The Archives talking to hosts Lisa Parker and Andrew Trowbridge about A Present For Lord Belborough, the thirteenth and final episode of Chigley. As well as being the very last that viewers saw of the inhabitants of Trumptonshire, it was also one of the very last ‘new’ programmes transmitted in the sixties, so as you can imagine there’s plenty to say about it. Although we do seem to be slightly more interested in discussing Mr. Antonio’s not very well disguised terrorist links, how Mr. Brackett was responsible for the destruction of a sideboard, and the almost literally thorny question of where that rogue tree got to.

You can hear it here.

Round The Archives - logo.

Lisa and Andrew’s appearance on Looks Unfamiliar – in which we discuss the Camberwick Green Clown’s secret Enid Blyton-facilitated disguises along with Matchbox Cascade, The Jaws Game and much more besides – can be found here. You can find the Round The Archives website here and follow the show on Twitter at @Roundthearchiv1.

If you want to read more of my thoughts about Chigley and the end of ‘the sixties’, not to mention the end of that sideboard, you can find a feature on A Present For Lord Belborough – along with equally in-depth features on Camberwick Green and Trumpton – in Can’t Help Thinking About Me, which is available in paperback here or from the Kindle Store here. There’s also a feature looking at whether Jimi Hendrix might have been inspired to write The Wind Cries Mary by Camberwick Green here.

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