Review: Ashes To Ashes – The Songs Of David Bowie 1976-2016


I’ve reviewed Ashes To Ashes – The Songs Of David Bowie 1976–2016 by Chris O’Leary for the We Are Cult website; based on Chris’ acclaimed blog Pushing Ahead Of The Dame, it’s a thoughtful collection of essays on every song released by Bowie (and many that weren’t) between Low and Lazarus, including the Iggy Pop albums, bootlegged demos, and anything he so much as tapped a foot in an adjacent studio to. Baal’s Hymn to Ricky Sodding Gervais, it’s all in there and all written about brilliantly, with an impressive eye for background cultural detail that even most UK-based writers generally can’t be bothered so much as namechecking accurately. As you will find out if you read the review here…!

Ashes To Ashes - The Songs Of David Bowie 1976-2016 by Chris O'Leary.

You can get Ashes To Ashes – The Songs Of David Bowie 1976-2016 from Repeater Books here or Amazon here. Chris’ original blog Pushing Ahead Of The Dame is here.

You can hear me talking to We Are Cult editor James Gent about Bowie’s forgotten mid-eighties single When The Wind Blows in Looks Unfamiliar here. You can also hear me talking about Absolute Beginners on the Betamax Video Club podcast here.

You can find my thoughts on ‘The World Of David Bowie’, and how he influenced me in increasingly silly ways beyond the actual music, here. There’s also a look at The Complete David Bowie by Nicholas Pegg – and several other books that have had a huge influence on me and my writing style – here. Not to mention a piece on how I felt about Bowie – and everything else that had happened since – at the end of 2016 here.

You can find features on Tin Machine, Bowie’s wiped early television appearances and the two times that I saw him live – as well as a previously unpublished piece contrasting his ‘New Hitler’ outburst with more recent comments from more powerful figures that nobody does anything about – in my book Can’t Help Thinking About Me, available in paperback here or from the Kindle Store here.

If you’ve enjoyed this, you can find reviews of 1966 – The Year The Decade Exploded by Jon Savage hereI’m Not With The Band by Sylvia Patterson hereHow Does It Feel? by Mark Kermode here, and Psychedelia And Other Colours by Rob Chapman here.

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