Looks Unfamiliar Halloween Extra: “Last Play School House On The Left”

BBC Test Card F, as discussed in the Looks Unfamiliar Halloween Extra.

Looks Unfamiliar Halloween Extra: “Last Play School House On The Left”

It’s time for a creepy treat from the archives as Tim Worthington, Ben Baker and Phil Catterall count down the Top Twenty Five Things That You Were Scared Of As A Youngster That Weren’t Supposed To Be Scary!

Yes, it’s time to hide behind the sofa from Camberwick GreenReturn To Oz, BBC Test Card F, Picture Box, Raggerty, World In Action, Professor Yaffle, The Open University, Angie BabyOde To Billie JoeSpitting Image, Vrillon Of Ashtar Galactic Command, The Blue Peter Boat and much, much, terrifyingly more. Along the way we’ll be waving cheerfully to some Video Nasties to avoid looking at the Children’s section, meeting Parky The Lion, learning why The Muppets aren’t frightening but their eyes are, finding out which family friendly cinematic icon was really a man who exploded and went inside out, and in a lighter moment recalling the classic scene where Terry Scott falls through a chair. And right at the end, there’s our very own scary broadcast intrusion featuring a dog dressed as an elephant… stitch that, ‘Pipes’!


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