Looks Unfamiliar Movie Double Bill Extra: “A Giant Raymond Burr The Size Of Godzilla”


Looks Unfamiliar Movie Double Bill Extra: “A Giant Raymond Burr The Size Of Godzilla”

Grab some popcorn and take a seat for a Double Bill of monster movie mayhem from the archives! First up, we’re off to the video shop with Tim Worthington and Ben Baker for a chat about the tabloid-enraging zombie-strewn world of ‘Video Nasties’, then grab your 3D glasses and head for the Drive-In as Garreth F. Hirons tells us all about the old-skool city-smashing antics of Godzilla and his many bewildering permutations and reboots. Along the way we’ll be meeting (and thankfully not hearing) the Japanese Donovan, queuing up behind Phil Cool to rent Zombie Creeping Flesh, and getting thoroughly fed up with all of the endless ‘affair with an octopus’ storylines on EastEnders.


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Looks Unfamiliar

Looks Unfamiliar is hosted by Podnose


Ben has been a guest on Looks Unfamiliar twice – you can hear those editions here and here – and also came back for a special to take a look at the show that gave this one its name, Looks Familiar, which you can find here. Garreth has also been on twice – as you can hear here and here – as well as a Christmas Extra on The Ghosts Of Oxford Street that you can find here. Garreth also took over as host to interview Tim about comedy on BBC Radio 3, which you can find here. There’s also more Russ Meyer chat – this time about Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! – from Tim in his appearance on Perfect Night In which you can find here.

Garreth’s podcast Retrospecticus – The Simpsons And Modern History Together At Last can be found here, and Ben’s official website with details of his books is here. You can follow Retrospecticus on Twitter here and Ben on Twitter here. Ben also presents Don’t Let’s Chart, a podcast looking at ridiculous stats, facts and figures; you can find a special edition they did for Looks Unfamiliar counting down eBay’s Top Selling Children’s Annuals here.

If you want to know more about Video Nasties, Godzilla and many more films and genres that more reputable texts would not touch with a King Cone, then you’ll enjoy Tim’s book Can’t Help Thinking About Me, available in paperback here or from the Kindle Store here.


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