Doctor Who Magazine Issue 528

Doctor Who Magazine issue 528, including a feature on the late sixties Sky Ray ice lollies by Tim Worthington

I’ve got a feature in the new issue of Doctor Who Magazine, looking at the Sky Ray ice lolly campaign from the late sixties which saw a weirdly-drawn Doctor take on some slightly more reasonably-drawn Daleks with the aid of Sky Ray’s own ‘Space Raiders’. As well as looking at campaign and the collectable cards (and more!), there’s also the full story behind that famously ridiculous advert, including why two versions were filmed, which Dalek props were used and why, and just who that actor playing ‘The Doctor’ was (and who nearly appeared alongside him!). There’s also a history of the Sky Ray brand itself and its rivals in the supermarket freezer stakes, and the thorny issue of whether it actually tasted any good or not…!

Doctor Who Magazine Issue 528 is out now and available from all good newsagents. Just like Sky Ray itself. If this was 1968…

The Doctor Who Sky Ray ice lollies in action!

You can find lots more about Doctor Who in the sixties in my new book Can’t Help Thinking About Me.


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