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Viewers who’ve enjoyed my article about BBC Records And Tapes in the latest Doctor Who Magazine may be interested to know that you can currently get Top Of The Box – The Story Behind Every BBC Records And Tapes Single in paperback with 20% off here if you use the code TWENTY18. If you’d prefer it in electronic form, though, then you can find it at the Kindle Store here.

If you’ve already read it, then you might be interested to hear me on the radio talking about the story behind the book and playing some rare BBC Records And Tapes items here, ot talking about the label’s Sound Effects albums here. And as a special bonus, here’s a preview from the in-the-works sequel covering the label’s albums…

REC71 Gone Fishing (1970)
Quite why anyone would have arrived at the idea of a radio documentary celebrating the art of fishing complete with outside broadcast recordings of live angling is something of a mystery, but that’s exactly what Radio 4 broadcast on the morning of 30th March 1970. For the benefit of those who really believed that the best pictures were on the radio, this album expanded the original programme to nearly double its length, including many clips that had not made the final edit. So if you have ever wanted to know what poaching salmon, fly casting, dog fishing and ‘Alan’ catching a trout sound like, but have absolutely no interest whatsoever in what they may look like, this album more than meets your requirements. Meanwhile, the report of a salmon on a cricket ground, a talk on the art of ‘dodging the wife’ and The Rev. D. Jacob Davies’ ‘bonus for the benefit and amusement of Welsh speaking listeners’ really do defy description. Those with a more sane and sober interest in the output of BBC Records And Tapes may like to note that this album also features a fishing quiz compiled by Eric Simms, and songs from folk musician Brett Stevens.

Top Of The Box - Front Cover

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