Looks Unfamiliar Christmas Extra: “CRISMAS by BEETLES”

Looks Unfamiliar Christmas Extra, with Tim Worthington, Ben Baker, Phil Catterall and Darrell Maclaine.

Looks Unfamiliar Christmas Extra: “CRISMAS by BEETLES”

As a special extra Christmas treat for Looks Unfamiliar listeners, here’s a compilation of highlights from the archives, with extracts from Christmas-themed podcasts of Christmases past by Tim Worthington, Ben Baker, Phil Catterall and Darrell Maclaine-Jones.

Along the way we talk about Now – The Christmas Album, Val Doonican, A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector, School Fairs, Department Store Grottos, Last-Minute Shopping and Shambolic Office Parties; run down charts of Bad Santas, The Worst Ever Christmas Songs and The Best Ever Christmas Quotes, and listen to bewildering Christmas Singles by Russ Conway, Rotterdam Termination Source, Mr. Christmas, Percy Sugden from Coronation Street and The Count from Sesame Street. We’ll also be finding out who Tim thinks is more important than Father Christmas, who Ben suspects might be Father Christmas, what happened when Phil went carol singing, and what the other tape in Darrell’s house was. Not to mention who recorded a song called ‘Santa’s A Big Fat Fuck’…


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Looks Unfamiliar is hosted by Podnose.

You can hear Phil on Looks Unfamiliar here, and Darrell – with more about that Coronation Street Christmas Album – here. Ben has been on twice – which you can find here and here – and came back to talk about ITV’s Denis Norden-fronted nostalgia show Looks Familiar, which you can find here.

The similarly archive-raiding Looks Unfamiliar Halloween Extra can be found here, along with the Looks Unfamiliar Summer Extra here.

Ben and Phil present Don’t Let’s Chart, a podcast looking at ridiculous and nonsensical lists – you can find a special that they did for Looks Unfamiliar listeners here and follow the show on Twitter at @dontletschart. You can also hear a special exclusive edition in which they run through a list of Tim’s Most Hated DVD Extras if you donate to Don’t Let’s Chart via Patreon here.

You can still get Tim’s seasonal cash-in book Can’t Help Thinking About Christmas from the Kindle store here.

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